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(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight

Updated: Jan 8

This latest anthology (and I'm betting the tune for the title is now embedded in your brain!) was a fun project that started as a joke. The editor/publisher was talking about the explosion of music-related short story anthologies. A friend of his said, "At least please don't do one for one hit wonders." A lightbulb moment. And so, here it is, an anthology of crime stories inspired by those flash in the pan songs by groups that are never heard from again. Some of the biggest names in short mystery fiction appear in the volume, along with (insert delicate blush) me.

My story, "It's Raining Men," was inspired by (a) a song I've always enjoyed, (b) the video on youtube of the song being performed (check it out; it's a hoot), and (c) my visit back in the day to a male strip club. What a fun project! I hope you'll consider checking it out. You'll find links on the "Short Stories" page shown on the banner at the top of this blog.

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